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Multemedia Integration

Audio Add a music player to entertain your app users! Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files, and let the music play. Users can share and buy tracks from the store. Of course music can be played in background while the users keep browsing the app or lock their phone screen.


Add a touch of multimedia within your app. Integrate videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel from YouTube to a specific video from Vimeo.


Highlight your app with attractive photo galleries. Create categories, import photos from your computer, Picasa or Instagram!

Making money

Sign up to Create seattleclouds App Project Sign-up with seattleclouds to create new Mobile App. You will need absolutely no coding skills, only ideas. Just enter a few simple details and you're all set to start building your very first App. Adding Desired Features and Styles Then next add your desired activities, features and styles to the app. You can add content, videos, audio, maps and numerous other features including money-generating features, such as polls and ads. Finish and Get Your Ready Made App Once you are done adding your favorite features, with a click of a button seattleclouds servers will produce your stunning mobile app. We'll email it to you directly, all set to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.